Statement on the occasion of the International Women’s Day March 8th, 2007

It’s a big pleasure for us to celebrate “International Women’s Day” with RAWA when they also celebrate their 30th anniversary. We are proudly following your continuous activities and efforts. We also support your fight.

After 9.11, world press started to show Afghan women who stopped wearing burka. At the very beginning, we watched this picture without any comments. For us, this was first contact with you that is to say, for better or worse, we got to know the situation in Afghanistan through this. Unfortunately, all of these pictures were from one-sided view of developed countries based upon anti-Islamic thinking. After these prejudiced pictures shown, everyone including Japan was inclined to help them, to our regret, out of pity.  In Japan, too many supportive plans with no feelings but only money came one after another.

We gathered as a group which really understands purpose of RAWA and Meena. We try to support you from a far country, Japan. We have same heart as RAWA people. So we believe that we are different from those prejudiced supporters. We do what we should do, because it will create a good future for Afghanistan.

As RAWA and Friends of RAWA-Japan, our activities and solidarity will especially defeat America’s capitalism-globalization, which is a big danger to the world’s population and human rights.

Japan society is also under the influence of globalization, and inequalities within society are growing up. Bullying at schools or companies is affecting people so that committing suicide has become a big problem nowadays.

We, members of Friends of RAWA-Japan, are acting against these problems, such as militarism, evil effects of existence of American bases in Japan, effects of DU shell, environmental destroy etc.

So, we believe that our heartfelt support, Hewad High School Fund, will help you to build a happy future for RAWA and also Afghanistan. We want these young people to believe their power and study hard at Hewad High School.

I want to finish my words with a saying of Rumi who is well-known in this country.
“You are the life of earth, let this peace be yours, be happy!! ”

Friends of RAWA-Japan
March 8th, 2007

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